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Preparing for your clinic

3-6 weeks before

  • Let your staff know about the clinic (see template below) and ask them to register using the self-service registration feature of our website (find your unique link under ‘booking details’, or on the booking confirmation email that was sent to you)
  • Organise a room for the clinic to take place.

1-2 weeks before

  • Send your staff a reminder email about self-registration, or complete the registrations yourself on the ‘booking details’ page
  • Email registered participants the consent form to fill out, and advise them they’ll need to wait in the area for 15 minutes after being vaccinated for observation.

3 days before

  • Confirm the final numbers with your Ozcare representative by email or phone
  • Organise parking for the Ozcare nurse immuniser.

On the day

  • Setup the room – two chairs and a table will be needed. If possible, make this a private area in case participants are wearing shirts that can’t be rolled up
  • Confirm the parking arrangements with the nurse, if you haven’t already.


Email template

Use this template to send an email to your staff to promote your clinic.

Subject: Free Flu Vaccinations 
[Insert your company name here] is offering free flu vaccinations to all staff so you can protect yourself against the latest flu strains this winter.

Clinics will be run at:
[Insert Time, Day, Date, Month, Location]
[eg. 9 - 11am, Thursday 20 March, Level 5 – Vancouver Room]

Book your appointment online [add a link to your unique online registration here, you can find this on the 'booking details' page of this website, or on the booking confirmation email you were sent] by choosing the clinic date and your preferred time. If you have any issues booking online please contact [insert name, email link] on extension [insert phone].

Why it is so important to protect against flu:

  • The flu is highly contagious and one sneeze can spread the flu up to a metre
  • It is more serious than a cold and can take weeks to recover
  • Flu strains change every year so annual immunisation is necessary
  • Fit and healthy people are at risk too

If you have any questions please contact [insert name] on extension [insert number]

[Insert your email signature]



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